Optional Add-Ons

Options available when purchasing Basic & Pro Plans

Parking Enforcement

It is possible to self enforce your parking in-house using the patrol tools that are included with iStall. If you are looking for a third party to patrol your visitor parking rules, these two options are available as Add-ons:

Tow Based Parking Patrol ($50/month)

We will coordinate a towing company to randomly patrol your property and tow anyone who is not registered to park, at the cost of the owner of the unregistered vehicle. This option does not include patrol reports, but we do report on how many vehicles/month have been towed.

White Glove Parking Company Patrol ($200/month)

This option includes the issuance of warnings, tickets, and then graduating eventually to towing for repeat offenders. It also includes detailed patrol reports.

All patrols are conducted by uniformed patrollers who are driving marked patrol vehicles. Patrollers will have photo ID badges visible all times during enforcement.

Vehicles found to have not registered to park or parked illegally on the property listed above will be penalized according to our graduated enforcement schedule. They will be issued a payment notice, immobilized, or towed and will be charged the posted release or towing fees.

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